Turkish Towel Uses

Turkish Towel Uses

I first found my love for Turkish Towels during a trip to Europe in 2014. Strolling through the markets in Istanbul I came across all the different styles, colours and sizes and was intrigued.

Since I bought my first Turkish Towel I haven’t turned back. My favourite things about a Turkish Towel are that they are versatile, lightweight and absorbent. They make the perfect gift for any occasion and can roll up small enough to fit in my handbag. I wanted to share all the ways I use my Turkish Towels so you can get the best use out of yours.

Beach Towel - The number one use for a Turkish Towel, perfect for keeping the sand at bay.

Pool towel - Perfect for when you’re in and out of the pool on a hot day because it’s so quick to dry.

Scarf - Great for keeping you warm in the winter because it 100% cotton.

Indoor Blanket - Great to use as a blanket but remember we have throws as well if you want something a little warmer and larger.

Blanket for public transport - I like to always keep one in my bag for the plane and on a train for when the air conditioning gets a little chilly.

Head covering - Protect yourself from the sun or wet it and it’ll keep you cool on those really hot days.

Sarong - Wrap it around like a sarong and tuck it in on the side it’ll keep you dry and covered.

Dress - Get fancy and try a few different styles.

Skirt- Can’t find your pants at the beach no sweat.

Picnic blanket- Sit on something a little funkier and more colourful than your plane picnic blanket.